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A simple and UNCONTESTED divorce – meaning both parties are in agreement should not be a laborious and expensive ordeal. However, the document process can be complicated and filed documents; the Original Divorce Petition, the Default and Judgment package of paperwork is confusing. Most self-prepared Divorce Petitions take too long because of needless “Court Clerk” rejections due to errors in this preparation. Our UNCONTESTED Divorce preparation process is complete and begins at $ 850.00, not including Court filing service.


A non-paying tenant is the most expensive and complicated aspect of owning rental property. An eviction is not just a few documents thrown together with ‘hope and a promise.’ The Courts – Judges look for flaws in the filed documents and are very pro-tenant. One mistake and the Landlord is forced to repeat the process. With over 25 years of experience with successful evictions in Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties, we offer the most effective and professional service. Full tenant evictions begin at $ 450.00, not including any Court filing fees.


A simple will is just that. Simple and for those who own little, and have no real estate this is perfect in most cases. A will states your wishes and should include a Power of Attorney for medical and financial in case of incapacity of the person creating the will. Read More


Whether you choose a sole proprietorship, LLC, (limited liability company), or Corporation, it’s best to understand the costs, taxation effects and legal consequences of that decision. Free information is provided and will be e mailed or mailed to you upon request. Our professional company formations began at $ 100.00 depending on individual choice.


Whether one is convicted of a Felony or Misdemeanor, most convictions can be expunged. Certain criteria and conditions apply. The expungement process is complicated and lengthy. Every situation is different and you may be referred to an Attorney who specializes in this. However, for simple, in State convictions, the process can be complicated for less than a thousand dollars, not including any possible Court filing fees.


Consumer returns begin at $39.00


We can help you navigate through the court to protect the best interest of the child.
Many areas of Family and Juvenile law overlap with each other, especially when it relates to the protection of our children.
Perhaps you are a grandparent seeking more quality time with your grandchildren after their parents have separated or divorced, there might be solutions within your grasp. We are prepared to help you find a way to be the grandparents that your grandchildren need, if at all possible. Read More


The Bankruptcy process is very complicated. It is a legal process that can eliminate debtor’s financial obligations and is carefully regulated by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and The Department of Justice. Read More


Probate, meaning the final disposition of an existing Estate can be a complicated and expensive process and frequently needs an experienced Probate Attorney to handle an Estate of a decedent. Depending on individual circumstances, a full probate process can be avoided and handled efficiently, quickly and inexpensively by an experienced paralegal. Call us for a free consultation.


In the case of formal litigation when a Defendant is served a simple response to the Plaintiff’s allegations might be the best choice.


Small Claims actions are inexpensive and expedient options for monitory damages under $ 10,000.00. However, Small Claims Court decisions are based on proper written and verbal presentation from the individual Plaintiff. No attorneys are permitted to represent this Plaintiff who is suing. We can prepare the documents and get your Defendant served. Prices begin at $ 150.00, not including any Court filing fees or Process Server fees.


available for all of your personal or business LLC’s Corporations requirements.


For those with multiple family units, a large and professional property management service is probably your best choice, but for those with one or two properties where cash flows of rent must be carefully individually managed; our service is both responsive and inexpensive.Read More


Whether adding a property to your trust or simply a transfer to a family member, we can prepare the proper deed and supplemental required County forms to complete this process. Delivery and filing at the County Recorder is included.Cost per deed is $ 125.00 plus County Recorder fees.


Gary Whitehead is a licensed and bonded Notary in San Diego and Riverside County, commission # 20085334. Notary fees are capped at $ 10.00 per signature and travel time is extra. Most parts of San Diego are covered.


Gary Whitehead is a licensed and Bonded Process Server in both San Diego and Riverside Counties. Fees depend on type of service and location and begin at $ 45.00.